What is Commissioner Service?

Commissioner Service is the method of providing resources and guidance to Scouting units, to best arm each unit with the tools to succeed, and to help deliver the Promise of Scouting to every youth in the unit.

Who are Commissioners?

What is a Unit Commissioner?

A unit commissioner is Scouting's front-line diplomat, coaching unit adults toward success. The unit commissioner is one of the most important influences to ensure quality Scouting in the units assigned to them. Commissioners help packs, troops and crews to provide an even better program to the boys and young adults they serve, so those youth will likely stay in the Scouting program longer, and benefit from the program.

What Does a Unit Commissioner Do?

A unit commissioner helps each unit set high goals and standards, and achieve those goals. Unit commissioners should stay in close touch with their units to discuss how the district can help strengthen each unit's programming and leadership. A unit commissioner plays several roles:

What are the Unit Commissioner's Goals and Duties?

Unit Commissioners focus on four primary duties.

  1. Supporting unit growth through Journey to Excellence. Helping each unit achieve "Gold" status on JTE.
  2. Contacting units and identifying their strengths and needs, and reporting in Commissioner Tools. Applying Scouting experience to help diagnose and treat possible deterrents to achieving "Gold" status.
  3. Linking unit needs to district operating committee resources. Notifying district operating committees of a unit's need for hlep, so those committees can pitch in and help the unit succeed.
  4. Supporting timely charter renewal. Helping the unit gather all the necessary information, and report it correctly on the on-line chartering process, including obtaining necessary training for all adult leaders.

How Can a Unit Commissioner Help Our Unit?

A unit commissioner can help units solve their own problems. When unit leaders don't recognize a problem and/or where solutions are not clear-cut, the unit commissioner can identify a question and suggest solutions, hopefully even before the question becomes a problem.

What is the Journey to Excellence?

Journey to Excellence is the council performance recognition program designed to encourage and reward success, and measure the performance of units, districts, and councils. JTE standards are based on what successful units do to continually improve and provides a method for each unit to evaluate itself. JTE provides tangible measurements based on objective items, such as the number of campouts, the number of youth, the number of Scouts advancing, etc., uses simple ways to calculate unit performance, and provides early warning of potential problem areas.

What is a Detailed Unit Assessment?

The Unit Key 3 and the unit commissioner meet at least twice per year, to discuss the unit's Finance, Membership (including Training), Program, Leadership and Governance, identify any areas of concern, and discuss how to address those areas. Concerns might be finances, loss of membership, or departing leadership.

What is a Unit Service Plan?

Using the ares of concern identified in the Detailed Unit Assessment, the Unit Key 3 qnd the Commissioner work out a plan and a time to address those needs, and the unit commissioner solicits assistance from resources on the district committee in the area of concern. Plans might be to develop a budget, to conduct a recruitment program, or prepare a transition plan.

How Do I Find Out Who My Unit Commissioner Is?

Contact your District Executive or your District Commissioner. Every unit is assigned a unit commissioner, and you will be contacted. In the Northern Lights District you can click here and find your commissioner by using the "Find my Unit Commissioner" box in the upper left hand corner.